Last Supper // Decoupage Craft Sheet


Last Supper // Decoupage Craft Sheet

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Two sets of the 12 disciples and Jesus on one sheet of paper. The images are copies of my original watercolor artwork. Each sheet is printed on regular office paper - it's the same kind of paper that I found is easiest to work with when decoupaging my blocks. They are laser printed exactly as I printed them for the decoupaged blocks I sold in my shop. In general I price my craft sheets at $1 per character.

These saint craft sheets are just the right size for making crafts of your own and to share. They can be used to decoupage almost anything. Try making your own feast day decorations, holy cards, artwork, Christmas ornaments, blocks for your home altar or anything else you can come up with. Each saint has an image and a description to go along. I didn't just want the artwork to be cute, I wanted to give a tiny glimpse of the saint's inspiring story. I made my artwork to put on blocks for my own 5 kiddos - they are meant to be beautiful, educational, inspirational and versatile (for tots, little kids, or big kids). Best of all they give the opportunity for prayerful play.

DO NOT SELL OR POST ONLINE, PLEASE----------------------------------------
This artwork has taken me years to research and complete - please enjoy it and share it, but do not sell it or make digital copies. Thank you!

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BLOCKS----------------------------------------------
Each little image is approximately 1 1/8 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches tall. To make your own blocks I recommend using 1x2 trim pieces that can be found at your local hardware store. You will need to cut them into 3 inch lengths and sand them. 120 grit sand paper works great. I'd like to say it's tricky, but decoupaging images is so easy!!! Check online for all kinds of tips. I personally preferred to use water-based polyurethane when I decoupaged my blocks (it's what's commonly used on floors furniture and tables).

 If you'd like to purchase gift bags for the blocks you can do so here here.

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